Acacia DëQueer works as an intimacy coordinator for digital media, including film, television, audio recordings such as podcasts and audiobooks, video games, and modeling. Their services encompass pre through post-production and include choreography, sound and breathwork, risk reduction methods, and much more.

Acacia DëQueer’s Areas of Expertise and Interest

  • LGBTQIA+ and disabled narratives
  • World-building with intimacy (sci-fi, fantasy, historical, etc)
  • Reality television & non scripted content
  • Extended scenes of intimacy
  • Working with prosthetics
  • Music Videos
  • Group scenes (three or more performers)
  • Working with minors
  • Intimacy in water

Some ways Acacia can benefit a production:

Acacia helps productions save money by using consent-based methods to keep the day running smoothly when working on scenes of intimacy and nudity. This reduces the time needed on set and the potential overtime or legal fees needed to pay cast and crew members if any number of potential risks occur.

Acacia brings critical skills and tools to scenes of intimacy such as choreography and masking techniques, Mental Health First Aid, closure practices, and bystander intervention (to name a few) that reduce risks for production and the actors while also creating stronger, more daring scenes of intimacy.

Acacia saves time by holding meetings and rehearsals with actors and the production team to ensure clear communication about the needs of intimacy scenes during pre-production. This ensures everyone is prepared and efficient during the production process.

Working together

Acacia DëQueer’s job as Intimacy Coordinator ideally begins before casting and continues through post-production. All projects require an initial script consultation, pre-production meetings and check-ins with cast and crew, and rehearsal time on top of production days. Acacia offers a sliding scale for student films, web series, and other low budget projects because financial ability should not determine the safety of cast and crew.

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What People have said about Acacia DëQueer:

Acacia brought to the table a language in which myself and the other actors could use on set to make sure that we were okay with everything. One of the tools they provided was a “tap in” and “tap out” handshake. It was a way to energetically sync up with our scene partners prior to an intimate moment and also disconnect and let it go after. Because even though we are actors and what we do is “make-believe”, it’s still our physical body, the body we live in everyday and it was nice to make the clear distinction between real and fake.
Acacia did an incredible job at choreographing our love scenes. It can be quite awkward, as an actor, when you have to get into bed with someone who you’ve most likely just met. Acacia took the reins in those situations by suggesting different moves and ways for us to approach it. With Acacia guiding us it felt less like “having sex” with another actor and more like a beautiful dance. As someone with a dance history, I really enjoyed that and it made it fun.
I really appreciate that they took the time to get to know each actor and privately understand what we individually felt comfortable with. They gave us the tools to communicate with our scene partners where it was okay to be touched and where it was not okay to be touched. That’s a conversation that more often than not, does not happen on sets.
I think the entertainment industry is long over due for people like Acacia! It was so nice to have someone on set that was there to support us. Acacia had an innate understanding of when to step in and assert themselves on set, when to check in on the actors and how to make us feel comfortable. I would love to work with them again in the future and can’t wait to see where their career goes from here!

Bailey NobleApophenia

I didn’t think an intimacy coordinator would be so needed on set until I had this experience. Having Acacia as an intimacy coordinator was a reassurence that everything was going to go well and smoothly. From the get-go, we started with active exercises to get us acquainted with the actors and crew. The fact that we had choreography for the whole scene really put me at ease, and made me feel that I had control of the situation. The difference from the first time that me and my fellow actor practiced the scene, to the actual scene, was immense! I felt so comfortable, and I knew we were on the same page, because Acacia gave us the space to express the things that we were and were not comfortable with. The communication and the detail was impeccable. I would always request an intimacy coordinator for any intimate scenes I may have to do in the future. Acacia also helped me discover things about my character that wouldn’t have come up without this process. I was lucky to have a knowledgable third party involved in the scene. Thanks, Acacia!

Mimi PerezAs The Winter Turns to Fall

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