What is an Intimacy Director?

An intimacy director is a creative professional who facilitates scenes of partial, full, or simulated nudity and intimacy including (but not limited to) familial, romantic, and traumatic intimacy in live performance including theater, dance, improv, burlesque, opera, and circus. An intimacy director communicates with the performers, director, stage manager, and other departments to consensually choreograph scenes of intimacy and reduce risks for cast, crew, and audience members.

Why Hire an Intimacy Director?

An intimacy director can:
  • Deepen the physical storytelling and improve the quality of a performance
  • Save time and money by establishing clear communication and protocols for scenes of intimacy and nudity
  • Establish consent-based practices and risk-reduction methods for company members
  • Develop repeatable choreography that can be sustainably and consistently performed throughout the run of a show
  • Assist the costuming department to incorporate appropriate intimacy barriers and modesty garments
  • And more!!!

Why Employ an Intimacy Department?

Hiring an entire department (more than one intimacy professional) can support the timely creation of intimate content and continual, dedicated support of production members. If your production has more than 10 performers working on scenes involving nudity (partial, full, or simulated) and/or intimacy (familial, romantic, or traumatic) or has several or extended scenes of nudity and/or intimacy then it’s important to hire a team.

Would you like to hire a whole department for your production?

I can help you find qualified intimacy professionals to round out your team. With connections to intimacy professionals in over 13 countries and 24 states I can connect you with someone in your area.

If you would like to put out a call directly, post your position in the Facebook group
I Need An Intimacy Professional (Coordinator/Director/Consultant).

When To Hire An Intimacy Director

There isn’t a wrong time to hire an intimacy director, but the earlier you incorporate one into your team the better! The ideal time is to hire an intimacy director is before casting.

What Does Acacia Specialize In?

  • Musical Theater
  • Dance
  • New Works
  • Theater In Educational
  • Devised Theater
  • Burlesque
  • Immersive Theater
  • Student Theater

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