Queer women discuss how their identities and gender expression and how it helps or hurts them in their search for community.


Documentary, Podcast


Director: Acacia

Sound Mixer: Acacia

Editor: Acacia

Interviewees: Olivia Donstov, Aji Kron, Madhavi Jere

Artist Statement

Identity: a Senior Thesis Project

Created as my senior thesis project for my major in International Studies, Identity is a podcast edited together from 8 interviews and probably around 15 hours of footage.  It discusses some of the questions that were tugging at me during my time at school. Questions that arose from my education and unlearning there, as well as my own exploration of identity.  Some themes which came out among all the interviews were comments about how important their hair is in their identity; feelings of not fitting in – particularly because all the women interviewed were pansexual (my word not theirs) and felt that they didn’t fully belong in affinity spaces; intersectionality; and struggles with traditional ideas of family. I learned that in the future I always need b-roll footage when shooting a documentary.  I also learned to always charge my camera battery

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