I’m Still Depressed Here

Artist Statement

Depression sucks.  My experience is that it kind of sucks all my willpower away and tells me that no matter what I do, my life isn’t particularly worth living.  For 6 months beginning December 2017, I traveled the world for the first time.  Before this trip started, I thought it would be the cure for the shadow which had been constantly tapping on my shoulder and whispering in my ear since 10 years old.  To my surprises and dismay, travel was not the cure I was hoping for.  Even traveling accross Europe as a love struck couple I spent nights wailing in missery due to my chronic condition.  But I have found art helps.  Taking photographs to show how I see the world somehow makes it a much less menacing and lonely place.  Therefore, I started this photo series.  Both as a potential cure for what I was experiencing, but also to showcase that you can be in the most amazing places and be doing absolutely amazing things, and still feel depressed.  Still not be present enough to enjoy what you’re doing.  Still hear the little voice in your head that tells you you’re not worthy of any good fortune that comes your way.  My hope is that people will see this series and realize that there is no easy fix, no one solution to help someone with mental health problems.  They are complicated and show themselves in places we might not want or expect.

Since starting this series, I’ve received support from all over the world. Through talking about mental health disorders with others I’ve learned to cope with my depression and no longer suffer as intensly as I did. It is my hope that people will see this and feel brave enough to share their own experience and find healing through community.


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