Untitled Nude Photo Shoot


By Acacia

Peacefully I slumbered
The curves of my body
Holding me gently
In the waves of women
Who have swam ashore
Before me

Until I woke up
And realized the dream
Was a trap
Wrapping me
So tightly
That I could not breath

And so
I unwrapped
My body
And built myself anew
And in the earth
I found myself, happy.

Artist Note

This photoshoot was a collaboration between myself, Jaina Cipriano, and the amazing team at Finding Bright Productions. The shoot is part of a larger photography project from Jaina Cipriano which is currently in development. While the larger collection explores themes of domestic terror/domestic bliss this shoot for me was an exploration of my experience as a nonbinary person and trans body.

The poem Metamorphosis is a complementary text giving voice to the story I am telling in these photos.


Photographer: Jaina Cipriano

Model: Acacia

Production Designers: Jaina Cipriano, Angela Cannatelli, Shannon Ryan

Makeup Artists: Shannon Ryan, Angela Cannatelli

Modesty Garment: Acacia


Finding Bright Productions

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