While advice on writing the perfect screenplay abounds, there is little information on writing wholistic intimacy and the erotic into scripts. As a consequence, scenes of intimacy are often underformed, hard to read, and straight-up pornographic (in the most unflattering sense of the word) because the actions such as sex, touch, and other forms of intimacy are detached from the story itself. During consultations, I connect language to movement and emotion by discussing your story as a whole and pinpointing how and why your characters express themselves without words in a given situation.

Based on my experiences as an intimacy coordinator, writer, filmmaker, and movement artist, I bring a unique perspective to the writing process. I combine my understanding of story, film, and writing with my real-life experiences as a queer, non-binary, disabled sex worker to bring complexity to characters. I challenge traditional narratives and encourage clients to think differently about the stories they are telling to ensure the most robust and vivid version makes it to the screen.


I have a sliding scale depending on the length of the script, the type of consultation, and time needed. Consultations are typically between 150-400 dollars.

What’s Included When You Book a Consultation?

  • Feedback on your script
  • Sensitivity reading
  • Intimacy Breakdown identifying moments where extra safety measures are needed during production
  • Cost Breakdown for scenes of intimacy
  • Tips, tricks, and rules for writing intimacy
  • Diversity Breakdown including gender, race, age, and sexuality
  • Meeting to go over content and questions
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