Queer Spotting Episode Guide

Listed below is every queer moment in The Good Place through season 2.  Unfortunately, due to limited access, season 3 could not be included at this time.  While all the examples listed below might now be as directly linked to LGBTQ+ representation, each example can be evaluated using the theory section of this website and provides a “queer experience or way of being.”

Lesbian soulmates in welcome videoSeason 1, Episode 1
Eleanor attracted to Tahani during welcome partySeason 1, Episode 1
Lesbian soulmates seated in front of Eleanor for flying videoSeason 1, Episode 2
Gay soulmates gunner and Antonio – garbage pick-upSeason 1, Episode 2
Eleanor articulates her attraction to Tahani while complaining and accusing her of blackmailSeason 1, Episode 3
Janet comes on to Chidi as part of her new programmingSeason 1, Episode 3
Eleanor and Chidi host a couple who wants to swingSeason 1, Episode 5
Chidi becomes the third member of the Tahani and Jason coupleSeason 1, Episode 6
Janet’s use of children to get Eleanor to not “kill” her as an example of queer timeSeason 1, Episode 7
Jason and Janet start to get close as they are ostracized from the group for being different mentallySeason 1, Episode 9
Jason tells Janet he loves herSeason 1, Episode 10
Eleanor is interested in hooking up with the real EleanorSeason 1, Episode 10
Constant switching around of soul matesSeason 1, Episode 10
The medium place as an example of queer time and spaceSeason 1, Episode 11
Mention about it being impossible to have kidsSeason 1, Episode 11
Jason and Pillboi plan to get married during a robbery they are performing so that they cannot testify against each otherSeason 1, Episode 11
Eleanor figures out they are in the bad placeSeason 1, Episode 13
Michael explains that “Some pairings are platonic, some are romantic.”Season 2, Episode 1
Chidi is tortured by having two soul mates and being required to pick between themSeason 2, Episode 1
Jason thinks his soul mate is his friend PillboiSeason 2, Episode 1
Eleanor and Tahani are soul mates in “Attempt #218” and in “Attempt #333” Eleanor’s soul mate is a dogSeason 2, Episode 2
Janet repeatedly dying and coming back to life and evolving each timeSeason 2, Episode 2
Everyone being erased and brought back to “day 1” over and overSeason 2, Episode 2
Tahani experiences estrangement from her familySeason 2, Episode 3
The group bonds together out of necessitySeason 2, Episode 3
Chidi talks with Michael about the concept of mortalitySeason 2, Episode 4
Janet wants to be killedSeason 2, Episode 6
Janet creates Derek, saying “I couldn’t find one [rebound], so I made one!”Season 2, Episode 6
Janet: “I could make you a boyfriend.  Based on your last 10,000 comments it would be Stone cold Steve Austen’s head on Tahani’s body.”  Eleanor: “Or the other way around!”Season 2, Episode 7
Derek and Mindy are brought together as a sexual coupleSeason 2, Episode 8
In the real bad place, everyone (Michael, Janet, Eleanor, Tahani, Jason, and Chidi) has to hid who they are in order to surviveSeason 2, Episode 10
Eleanor picks the greater good over the self when offered utopia, instead seeking a way for all of her “family” (friends) to be there.  She felt it couldn’t be the good place without them there as wellSeason 2, Episode 11
Eleanor refers to Tahani as “hot stuff.”Season 2, Episode 12
Eleanor and Simone share an intimate moment and confess their attraction for each otherSeason 3, Episode 5

In case you missed it, here is a recap of season’s 1-3.