Would you like to craft unique scenes of intimacy that are plot driven while reducing risks of harm for cast, crew, and audience members?

Then you’ve come to the right place!


An Intimacy Coordinator is the head of the Intimacy Department from pre- through post-production for film and tv. They choreograph scenes of intimacy, work directly with actors and directors, and coordinate with all major departments throughout the filmmaking process.

An Intimacy Consultant works with filmmakers during pre-production to clarify what is needed for a project based on the script and meeting with Production staff. Consultations include a Script Consultation. Intimacy Consultants do not choreograph scenes and are not present on set.

An Intimacy Educator prepares students and professionals to work on scenes of intimacy in the future by teaching them the best practices. Offerings include workshops, lectures, writings, and guest appearances.


Acacia (They/Fae) is a leading expert in the field of intimacy coordination – working with the next generation of filmmakers to create healthier scenes of intimacy. Acacia has intimacy coordinated films which have appeared in festivals including the Out on Film Festival, Bridgeport Film Fest, Sarasota Film Festival, San Fransisco Indie Fest, the Independent Short Awards, and LA Shorts Fest. Fae have lectured on intimacy for screen and stage at universities and colleges, published in the Journal of Consent-Based Performance, and served as a Committee Member for the National Society of Intimacy Professionals where fae help to prioritize diversity and accessibility within the intimacy professionals industry. Currently, they are earning faer Intimacy Coordinator Certification through the SAG•AFTRA accredited Launchpad Training Program offered through Principle Intimacy Professionals.


“Like having a stunt coordinator on set for stunts, I cannot imagine ever filming an intimacy scene again without an intimacy coordinator. I am a fan of Acacia’s forever and can’t wait to work together again.” – Alden Peters

“The expertise and passion that Acacia brought to the project enabled us to take what was on the page and make it even sexier.” – Amanda Jane Stern

“The communication and the detail was impeccable. I would always request an intimacy coordinator for any intimate scenes I may have to do in the future.” – Mimi Perez

“From the first-day on-set, it became crystal clear that although it was the actors who would be performing scenes […] Acacia’s priority was for every single person behind the scenes to feel safe too.” – Carla Posada

“Acacia’s awareness of and ability to add dynamics and an arc to an intimacy scene and guide actors in the rehearsal room to that end is what made me, as a director, look forward to having them on set.” – Molly Chiffer

“Acacia is deeply knowledgeable and sincerely committed to harm reduction in our industry.” – Kristina Valentine

I am an intimacy coordinator because it is my life’s passion to create stories about sexuality and gender.
– Acacia


• Extended Scenes of Intimacy
• Harm Reduction for Cast, Crew, and Audience Members
• LGBTQIA+ Inclusion and Representation
• World Building Through Intimacy

• Disability Inclusion and Representation
• Understanding the Gaze in Scenes of Intimacy
• Sex Worker Inclusion and Representation
• Burlesque
• Intersectionality On Screen

Acacia works in a variety of genres including sci-fi, fantasy, historical, thrillers, musicals, and more.


Perfectly Good Moment

Trailer for Perfectly Good Moment

Plot: What begins as a romantic drama unfurls into a mind-bending psychological thriller.

A new independent film from director Lauren Greenhall, writer Amanda Jane Stern, featuring Broadway’s Stephen Carlile.

“Because we spent so much time working with Acacia, pages that were sexy in the script became ten times even more erotic on the screen. I’d even go so far as to say that the intimate scenes became some of the easiest ones to film because we fostered such an open environment. They were even fun.”


As The Winter Turns To Fall

Winner Best Indie Short, Best Acting Duo, and Best LGBTQ Short at the Independent Short Awards!

Appearing in multiple festivals including
• Out On Film
• The Independent Short Awards
• Fifth Floor Film Festival

Plot: When Claire and Nina meet in the Winter everything between them is passionate. As the months slip by though, that intensity turns to something more dangerous.

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