Intimacy Professional Training

Total Hours: 84

  • Completed Phase 1 of PIP’s SAG•AFTRA accredited Launchpad Training Program which meets all requirements outlined by both SAG•AFTRA and ACTRA as to the minimum training and qualifications intimacy coordinators
  • Participated in Phase 2 of PIP’s Launchpad Training Program in Toronto, OT
  • Topics include: Union policies and best practices for film and theatre; Power dynamics, production roles, and communication on set; Choreography; Kit preparation, modesty wear; Paperwork, prep, contracts, and riders; Mental Health First Aid applications; Sex education basics; Unique protocols and Case studies

Total Hours: 70

  • Learned the philosophies, practice, and fundamentals of staged intimacy according to IDC including consent, communication, reporting structures, and working with children from a variety of educators in both multi-week courses and 90-minute webinars

Total Hours: 18

  • Studied various staging and masking techniques for intimacy in several 3-hour courses including Choreographing and Masking Intimate Scenes, Choreographing Kink, and Prosthetics SFX and Intimacy

Total Hours: 6

  • Attended in-person workshops on choreography and consent taught by Samantha Kaufman

Total Hours: 11.5

Other Training

Total Hours: 40

  • Participated in a Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher Training
  • Topics include: Ashtanga yoga; Anatomy & alignment; Physical & verbal adjustments; Pranayama (breathwork); Meditation; History & theory of yoga; Yoga & emotional wellness

Total Hours: 11

  • Attended the 2021 Exploring Disability and Sexual Health Virtual Youth Summit which aimed to educate community members about sexual health for disabled youth and caregivers through a series of peer-lead workshops

Total Hours: 32

  • Participated in workshop about The Theory and Practice of Mediation where we practiced mediating conflicts by engaging in role-play

Total Hours: 16

  • Completed 2 Adult MHFA Certifications (to be renewed every 2 – 3 years)

Undergraduate Education

Graduation: 2019

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

GPA: 3.2

  • Earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with an emphasis in Women & Queer Studies and Decolonial History
  • Minored in Film with a duel focus in production and film theory
  • Created 6 department sponsored short films including My Queer Questions, Dancing To Commentary, and Cinéma Very Gay
  • Wrote an independent research paper on Gender Construction and the Gaze in Deepa Mehta’s Fire under the mentorship of Sophia Harvey, Ph.D. which used psychoanalytic theory to understand the construction of gendered relationships in the 1996 Indian-Canadian film Fire
  • Recorded a thesis project, Identity, which featured interviews from queer women discussing their identities and gender expression and how those helped or hurt them in their search for community

Completion: Spring 2018
(One Semester)

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal; Amman, Jordan; and Santiago, Chile

Education & Training Breakdown By Skill Type

Anti-Harassment & Bystander Intervention

Title IX Training, Compliance & Investigations
(2016 – 2019)
• Completed 2 years of Officer Training from the Title IX Office at Vassar College to support victims of assault in on-campus organizations
• Successfully filed a harassment and assault charge through the Title IX Office at Vassar College


Health & Safety

Human Rights

How Queer is That? – Hiram Perez (1 Semester)
Modern African History Since 1800 – Ismail Rashid (1 Semester)
Introduction to Queer Studies – Jeffrey Schneider (1 Semester)
• Independent Study: Queer South Asian Cinema – Sophia Harvey (1 Semester)
Ending Deadly Conflict – Robert Brigham (1 Semester)
Youth, Crisis, & Resistance – Diane Harriford & Ismail Rashid (0.5 Semester)

• Introduction to Women’s Studies – Christina Owens & Paulina Bren (1 Semester)
Philosophy & Contemporary Issues – Jamie Kelly (1 Semester)

Perspectives in International Studies – Paulina Bren (1 Semester)

Movement Coaching & Masking Techniques

Movement, Sound & Breathwork

The Art of Theater Making – Gabrielle Cody (1 Semester)
Beginning Jazz – Abby Saxon (1 Semester)

Other Intimacy Professional Training

Paperwork, Protocols, & Industry Standards


Sex, BDSM, & Kink

Working with Minors & Students