Do you work for free?
  • No, but I do offer a sliding scale based on your budget.  To learn about my rates click here.
Do you provide your own equipment?
  • Yes, when you hire me I provide everything necissary to make your intimacy scene safe and sexy.
Do you work on student films?
  • Yes
Where are you located?
  • I am located in Ann Arbor, MI.
Do you travel?
  • Yes, I am happy to travel to your studio or on-site location.
What is an intimacy barrier?
  • An intimacy barrier is a piece of equipment worn by actors to protect the genitals and prevent unwanted contact or fluid exchange. Intimacy barriers come in a variety of forms including garments, external barriers, and inserts.
Do intimacy coordinators need a certification?
  • According to SAG-AFTRA intimacy coordinators need to be certified in mental health first aid alongside training in several areas including gender and sexuality, consent, movement, the use of intimacy barriers, and communication. Click here to learn more about my qualifications. Click here to learn more about SAG-AFTRA standards and protocols.

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