If you’re looking to create unique story driven intimacy while reducing harm, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re an actor, director, writer, producer, crew member, teacher, or intimacy professional – I’ve got you covered. I provide free resources, consultations, and long term collaborations with artists and filmmakers around the globe to rethink how we create and understand intimacy for the screen.

I am an intimacy coordinator because I love creating intimate stories. It is my life’s passion to develop complex narratives around sexuality, gender, and the intersectional nature of our identies which informs how we percieve the world. I want to help usher in what I believe will become the Golden Age of Screen Intimacy as intimacy coordinators become standard on set. I am personally contributing to the creation of this Golden Age through my uniquely fluid and dynamic choreography for extended scenes of intimacy, my innovative intimacy barrier designs, my lectures on intimacy in film and tv, my free education resources on Instagram, and my writings on film, feminist, and queer theory. On this website you will find my diverse offerings and experiences accessible to you as well as resources to learn more about intimacy in the performing arts.


I work as an intimacy coordinator, intimacy consultant, script consultant, intimacy lecturer, writer, and director. I specialize in a variety of areas including:

• Story Driven Intimacy
• LGBTQIA+ Inclusion and Representation
• World Building Through Intimacy
• Disability Inclusion and Representation
• Extended Scenes of Intimacy
• Sex Worker Inclusion and Representation
• Working with the Gaze
• Harm Reduction for Cast, Crew, and Audience Members
• Burlesque
• Inersectionality On Screen

I work in a variety of genres including sci-fi, fantasy, period, thriller, musicals, and more.

Who am I?


Approaching challenges with strengths in perceptual reasoning and verbal comprehension, Acacia brings harmony to projects with their thorough vision.


Delivering deeply personal work on topics including disability, gender, sexuality, and trauma, Acacia chooses to open up about their life to bring stigmatized topics out of the margins.


Diving into each project with an infectious ardor, Acacia picks pursuits which maintain a level of exuberance for their work, driving them to create inspirational content.

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“Because we spent so much time working with Acacia, pages that were sexy in the script became ten times even more erotic on the screen. I’d even go so far as to say that the intimate scenes became some of the easiest ones to film because we fostered such an open environment. They were even fun.”

Amanda Jane Stern
PROVOKR’S Amanda Jane Stern Films Sex Scenes

Watch the trailer for As The Winter Turns to Fall

Winner Best Indie Short, Best Acting Duo, and Best LGBTQ Short at the Independent Short Awards!

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