I’m Acacia, an intimacy coordinator, filmmaker, writer, and designer. From my uniquely fluid and dynamic choreography and innovative intimacy barrier designs to my lectures on intimacy in film and writings on film, feminist, and queer theory, I have been revolutionizing how intimacy is performed, understood, and seen on screen.


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Approaching challenges with strengths in perceptual reasoning and verbal comprehension, Acacia brings harmony to projects with their thorough vision.


Delivering deeply personal work on topics including disability, gender, sexuality, and family, Acacia chooses to open up about their life to bring stigmatized topics out of the margins.


Diving into each project with an infectious ardor, Acacia picks pursuits which maintain a level of exuberance for their work, driving them to create inspirational content.

“Acacia took the time to get to know team members and made it a priority to build a relationship with us. Personally, I am forever grateful for the time I spent with Acacia. Their openness, honesty, creativity, and willingness to be vulnerable and try things differently is unmatched.”

Matthew Mueller
-Moorhead Academic Coach


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