Films & Other Digital Media


Intimacy Coordinator

The RobosexualCasa Vera Productions, New York City, NY
• Lead discussion about sexuality and pleasure for androids in the world of The Robosexual via zoom with cast and crew members to creatue unique intimacy on screen which added to the story
• Created unique poses which captured the needs and mood of the scene using drawing figures so that the director and actors could discuss and choose major elements of the choreography before the in-person intimacy rehearsal
• Designed a low-cost outer barrier for external genitalia which provided cushinging and prevented the exchange of liquids to be placed over a Hebue modesty garment during a scene of simulated sex and nudity
• Provided support to non-binary actors playing male characters on screen as well as non-binary crew members

Perfectly Good Moment – Independent, New York City, NY
• Incorporated intimate movement such as groping, kissing, and straddling into dialogue-heavy scenes to realistically portray a long term romantic relationship on screen
• Safely rehearsed, choreographed, and filmed a scene of sexual assault by using strong closure practices, yoga, animal gestus, and separation of character and self
• Worked with the director and DP to subvert the male gaze and utilize the female gaze to enhance the thriller and mystery themes of the film while playing with power dynamics on screen
• Designed a motivation based movement exercise for the actors to explore power dynamics and physical space in-character

As The Winter Turns To Fall – Marymount Manhattan College, New York City, NY
• Extrapolated a minute-long scene from 2 action lines to create a romantic and authentic lesbian BDSM sexual experience on screen with a clear storyline
• Safely rehearsed and filmed intimacy by teaching and practicing consent including webinars, consent games, nudity riders, and verbal confirmation
• Provided footage of the intended choreography 48 hours in advance of rehearsal to the director and actors so that they had time to consider if they felt comfortable with the material

New Years Eve Tacos – Monticello Park Productions, New York City, NY
• Advocated for content changes to create more authentic female experiences and prevent on screen objectification from the male gaze
• Choreographed and rehearsed intimacy using place markers for the comfort of the actors
• Directed scene of simulated sex in a moving vehicle to enhance believability
• Provided multiple different exterior intimacy barriers for the comfort and safety of the actors

Kissing Kerouac – Independent, Salisbury, CT
• Provided feedback to the writer/director/lead actor on performance, choreography, and framing so they could focus on acting during production
• Brainstormed fundraising ideas and co-authored a “Sharable E-Book” with interactive pages on consent, sexuality, mental health, and gender
• Collaborated on choreography with the writer/director/actor to consensually achieve a clear narrative through movement

Apophenia – Mulberry Queens Films, LLC., Blairstown, NJ
• Choreographed scenes of simulated sex with multiple couples to further the storyline of paranoia, infidelity, impotence, and toxic masculinity
• Sewed multiple modesty garments for each actor to wear during scenes of simulated sex
• Taught workshop on consent, simulated sex sounds, & day of practices
• Checked-in with cast & crew using the stoplight system, distress scales, & worksheets to support mental health during filming without requiring actors to break character
• Followed all SAG-AFTRA standards and protocols for the use of Intimacy Coordinators to ensure best practices

Corona Date – NYU Tisch School of the Arts, New York City, NY
• Choreographed masked intimacy virtually to prioritize the safety of actors during COVID-19
• Deescalated conflict on set when tensions were running high
• Provided one-on-one check-ins with actors to ensure their comfort and safety before, during, and after filming

Perfectly Good Moment

Intimacy Consultant

Seeing Is Forgetting – Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, NYC
• Consulted on the process of working with an IC for scenes of simulated sex & sexual violence

Peepshow – Marymount Manhattan College, New York City, NY
• Consulted on nudity rider with producer to ensure the most clarity and safety for actors
• Provided intimacy breakdown and cost analysis to determine the practicality of the intended intimacy scenes

Trauma Bond Independent 
• Provided intimacy breakdown to highlight moments where focusing on consent and mental health would be especially important
• Discussed closure practices for actor & crew safety, particularly with the stressors of COVID-19 in mind


Cinéma Very Gay – Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
• Filmed & edited mockumentary inspired by Cinéma Vérité which acknowledges bias through interaction with the subject

Identity – Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
• Interviewed queer womyn about identity & fashion in relation to community building

(2018 – 2019)
• Published photo series designed to bring awareness to chronic mental health problems, particularly while traveling

Dancing to Commentary – Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
• Drew narrative out of recycled footage to create a collage film

My Queer Questions – Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
• Multitasked all technical positions while filming on a closed set to ensure the comfort & safety of nude actors
• Scheduled outside rehearsals between actors to create a safe space to practice intimacy scenes
• Created complex lighting schemes mimicking Sense8 to vividly capture body shapes & movement in low lighting

My Problem with Trichotilomania – Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
• Recorded self-exposé on the connection between beauty, mental health, & family to create still image narrative film

Respire – Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
• Edited & planed short film representing the anxiety of walking alone on campus as a wommon

Script Consultant

Blackity Black – Independent, New York, NY
• Brainstormed story ideas with the Producer to rewrite the female characters in the story in a more intersectional light
• Provided advice on how to tie the intimacy scenes more closely with the plot of the film


Production Designer

The Goodbye Tour – CTADYOS LLC, CT
• Kept detailed prop list to ensure all items are accounted for during production & post

Happy – Majella Productions, New York City, NY
• Constructed & decorated sets in studio for the music video Happy by Satori
• Drove 15 passenger van through Manhattan picking up props, cast, & crew to bring them to set

Camera Operator

Pioneer Works, New York City
• Shot footage using Cannon EOS C300 for residency artist profile while monitoring sound using boom and lav mic

Break the Floor Dance Teacher Summit, New York City, NY
• Shot 3 days of footage to use as teaching tools & promotional content


The Wellbe Podcast, New York City, NY
• Recorded audio using lav. mics to produce a medically backed health podcast with 50,000+ followers

House Plant, Poughkeepsie, NY
• Troubleshot problems with lavalier mics so that filming could continue on schedule

Stalker Coworker Storytime, That’s Pretty Funny, New York City, NY
• Troubleshot problems with lavalier mics so that filming could continue on schedule

The Future of Sexting with Amazon Alexa, RandallOtisTV, New York City, NY
• Recorded audio using boom and lav. mics to produce a sketch which was featured in Brooklyn Comedy Festival
• Alexa on Alexa was later adapted on The Daily Show to Educate Your White Friends with Blacklexa

Waking Up

Production Assistant

Bowery Farms Commercial – New Light Content, Jersey City, NJ
• Picked up, sorted, trimmed, and iced several varieties of lettuce for a salad commercial

Verizon Commercial – Extreme Reach LLC, Newark NJ
• Set up COVID safe crafty room so that production could eat in a social distanced manner

Waking Up – an LGBTQ Short Film – New York City, NY
• Drove 15 passenger van through Brooklyn and Manhattan delivering and returning all equipment

Cassandra – UCLA Grad Film, Poughkeepsie, NY
• Created props & decorations including copywrite free material to assist with Production Design
• Shot production stills to document the creation process of the film

Henna – School of Visual Arts, New York City, NY
• Dis/assembled set including large furniture pieces, curtains, & string lighting
• Managed props including food & drink used on set for wedding party scene

Pre-Production & Office Work

Production & Development Intern, 4th Row Films, New York City, NY
• Operated mics as sound mixer & helped assemble lighting to create marketing content and B roll
• Developed a Run of Show for the 2018 Spirited Awards to help facilitate a smooth show
• Managed office activities including reception, logging footage, and ordering food for sets and office

Talks & Lectures

Vassar College Burlesque, Poughkeepsie, NY
• Worked with Burlexec to create a workshop centered on consentual touch in rehersal spaces to establish best practices at the begining of the year
• Answered questions about careers in intimacy including intimacy coordination, intimacy direction, and sex work

Vassar College Drama Department, Poughkeepsie, NY
• Taught 3-hour workshop on the best practices of staging intimacy including a scenes study to practice using placeholders and notating intimacy

Vassar College Career Development Office, Poughkeepsie, NY
• Spoke with students about the process of becoming an freelance intimacy coordinator and answered questions about the job

Marymount Manhattan College, New York City, NY
• Spoke about Intimacy Coordinating during both the Spring and Fall Semester with students and answered questions about what they do and how to work with one

Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, New York City, NY
• Lectured twice on Intimacy in Film including an overview of intimacy coordination, consent, & writing intimacy for film and television to directing, producing, and writing graduate students


Consent, Boundaries, & Closure

Intimacy Directors & Coordinators
Foundations II – Claire Warden & Maya Herbsman (15 Hours)

Building Closure Practices – Samantha Kaufman (1.5 Hours)
• Consent in Rehersals
– Maya Herbsman (1.5 Hours)
Intimacy in Improv – Jessica Steinrock ( 1.5 Hours)
Stage Managing Intimacy – Alexis Black (9 Hours)

Intimacy Directors International
Intimacy Direction: Informed Advocacy – Samantha Kaufman (3 Hours)

Anti-Harassment & Bystander Intervention

Bistander Intervention Mini Training – (30 Minutes)

Title IX Training, Compliance & Investigations
(2016 – 2019)
• Completed 2 years of Officer Training from the Title IX Office at Vassar College to support victims of assult in on-campus organizations
• Sucessfully filed a harrasment and assualt charge through the Title IX Office at Vassar College

Movement Coaching & Masking Techniques

Theatrical Intimacy Education
Modesty Garments, Barriers, and Masking – Chelsea Pace (3.5 Hours)

Intimacy for Stage & Screen
Regency Intimacy – Intimacy for Stage & Screen, Lizzy Talbot (1.5 Hours)

Moving Body Arts
Tudor Costume & Stage Movement; Fights, Intimacy, & Characterization – Moving Body Arts, Yarit Dor & Shoni Wilkinson (2 Hours)

Intimacy Directors International
Applied Intimacy: Approaching a Kiss/Breath & Vocal Tract of Intimacy – Samantha Kaufman (3 Hours)


Intimacy Directors & Coordinators
Let’s Talk About Intimacy: Approaching Communication – Yarit Dor (1.5 Hours)
Working Together: Intimacy Coordinators & Department Heads – Jessica Bennett (1.5 Hours)
Working Together: Intimacy Directors & Fight Directors Colleen Hughes & Eli Lynn (1.5 Hours)

Planned Parenthood Rally

Human Rights

SIT: IHP: Human Rights: Foundations, Challenges, & Advocacy
Foundations & Frameworks of Human Rights – Evelyn Encalada Grez, PhD (1 Semester)
Comparitive Issues in Human Rights – Evelyn Encalada Grez, PhD (1 Semester)
Human Rights: Foundations – Christopher Westcott (1 Semester)
Grassroots Movements & NGOs – Evelyn Encalada Grez, PhD (1 Semester)
Fieldwork Ethics & Comparative Research Methods – Christopher Westcott (1 Semester)

Vassar College
Gender in American Popular Media – Anne Brancky (1 Semester)
Race, History, & Jim Crow Segregation Senior Seminar – Quincy Mills (1 Semester)
International Studies Thesis: Queer Identity – Shane Slattery-Quintanilla & Timothy Koechlin ( 2 Semesters)

How Queer is That? – Hiram Perez (1 Semester)
Modern African History Since 1800 – Ismail Rashid (1 Semester)
Introduction to Queer Studies – Jeffrey Schneider (1 Semester)
• Independent Study: Queer South Asian Cinema – Sophia Harvey (1 Semester)
Ending Deadly Conflict – Robert Brigham (1 Semester)
Youth, Crisis, & Resistance – Diane Harriford & Ismail Rashid (0.5 Semester)

• Introduction to Women’s Studies – Christina Owens & Paulina Bren (1 Semester)
Philosophy & Contemporary Issues – Jamie Kelly (1 Semester)

Perspectives in International Studies – Paulina Bren (1 Semester)

Health & Safety

National Council for Behavioral Health
Mental Health First Aid Certification (Adult) – New York Department of Health (8 Hours)
• To be re-certified every 2 years

Safe Sets International
Level A COVID-19 Certificate


Babes with Blades Theater Company
Writing Intimacy & Violence for the Stage – Samantha Kaufman and the Babes with Blades Faculty (2 Hours)

Vassar College
Introduction to Screenwriting – Joseph Muszynski (1 Semester)

Working with Minors & Students

Intimacy Directors & Coordinators
Working with Underage Performers: Case Studies & Troubleshooting with Minors – Adam Noble (1.5 Hours)
Working with Underage Performers: Methods for Approaching Intimacy with Minors – Adam Noble (1.5 Hours)
Working with Underage Performers: Understanding the Law, Paperwork, & Protocols – Adam Noble (1.5 Hours)

Consent for the K-12 Classroom – Colleen Hughes (12 Hours)
Consent in Academia – Dan Granke (12 Hours)

Movement, Sound & Breathwork

Humble Warrior Movement Arts
Articulations of Intimacy: Voice, Breath, Tone – Siobhan Richardson (1.5 Hours)

Intimacy Directors International
Applied Intimacy: Approaching a Kiss/Breath & Vocal Tract of Intimacy – Samantha Kaufman (3 Hours)

Vassar College
Intermediate Jazz I – Abby Saxon (1 Semester)
Advanced Beginning Jazz – Abby Saxon (1 Semester)

The Art of Theater Making – Gabrielle Cody (1 Semester)
Beginning Jazz – Abby Saxon (1 Semester)

Other Intimacy Coordinator Training

Intimacy Directors & Coordinators
• Best Practices for Intimacy in Auditions – Mitchell McCoy (1.5 Hours)

Intimacy Coordination & COVID-19 – Claire Warden (1.5 Hours)
Considerations for Virtual Intimacy – Alicia Rodis & Sasha Smith (1.5 Hours)

Intimacy for Stage & Screen
Screen Intimacy Q&A – Sophie Holland & Lizzy Talbot (1 Hour)

Undergraduate Education

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
(2015 – 2019)
• Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with an emphasis in Women & Queer Studies and Anti-Colonial History
• Minor in Film producing multiple short films as well as the study of and contribution to film theory

SIT: International Honors Program: Human Rights: Foundations, Challenges, & Advocacy
• Traveled to Nepal, Jordan, & Chile studying human rights. Learned about issues including human trafficking, women’s rights, refugee rights, indigenous rights, & LGBTQIA+ rights in a multicultural context
• Wrote thesis How The World Is Divided In Two: An Examination Of Social Justice Filmmaking, Economic Investment, Global Autonomy, And Individual Ability

Shiva Burlesque Show

Clubs and Extracurriculars

Vassar Burlesque Vice President & Founding Member, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
(2016 – 2019)
• Planned and taught lessons including consent training, choreography, identity exploration, & storytelling through movement
• Choreographed group, duet, & solo routines on themes including gender dysphoria, witchcraft, & menstruation
• Co-directed shows to facilitate members visions while furthering the quality of each performance
• Took offical footage for the club & coordinated who & how media was to be distributed & shared in & outsite the club to respect the rights of performers

AEO Peer Accessibility Advocate, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
(2016 – 2017)
• Mentored first-year students with disabilities to navigate school administration, classes, & campus activities
• Planned campus activities designed to highlight the strengths of diversity through disability

Ballroom Club Media & Social Chair & Teacher, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
(2015 – 2019)
• Taught swing, lindy, Charleston, & waltz to beginning students
• Choreographed for yearly event Dancing with the Professors

Swing Dancing Club Founding Member & Teacher, Arkansas Arts Academy, Rogers, AR
(2014 – 2015)
• Founded, organizzed, and taught a swing dancing club for the students of Arkansas Arts Academy

Other Employment

Accessibility Advocate, Vassar College Office of Accessibility and Educational Opportunity, Poughkeepsie, NY
(2017 – 2019)
• Coordinated & performed accessibility checks on campus to ensure the proper maitenence and preperation for any persons with disabilites
• Served on student/administration run board representing AEO to organize disability programing

Dominatrix, Donatella’s Den, NYC

Phone Sex Operator

Sugar Baby