Friends of Sophia


In a not-too-distant future where relationships with robots are considered a sickness and punished as a crime, a dweeby late bloomer tries to outsmart the law and run away with the android he loves.


Sci-fi, Queer, Romance



Director: Alden Peters
Writer: Alden Peters
Cast: Nana Visitor, Wesley Han, Vishaal Reddy, Janine Hartmann, Chakendra Fennell, Adrienne Unae
Producers: Yuki Maekawa-Ledbetter, Benno Rosenwald
Director of Photography: Shirley Chan
Intimacy Coordinator: Acacia
Production Designer: Cheyenne Ford
Costume Designer: Kevin Jaedon
Key Makeup Artist: Lily Li
First Assistant Director: Dana Osburn
Sound Recordist: Nicole Maupin

Friend of Sophia (Prequel)




Alden Peters

Acacia was incredible and I am so honored to have worked with them. They created a safe and compassionate dynamic in rehearsal and on set that freed us to have fun with what could otherwise be an uncomfortable scene to shoot. But beyond that, they influenced the word-building of this sci-fi story, helping craft a rich philosophy around human-android relationships based on consent and free from biased gazes. As we rehearsed choreography and brainstormed camera angles, they saved me from pulling influence from objectifying imagery of past cinema. Instead, we created a scene that centers character development and emotion. Like having a stunt coordinator on set for stunts, I cannot imagine ever filming an intimacy scene again without an intimacy coordinator. I am a fan of Acacia’s forever and can’t wait to work together again.

Alden Peters (He/Him)
Writer, Director, Editor
The Robosexual

Dana Osburn

Acacia was such an asset for the productions on which we worked together, it makes me want to write projects specifically just to bring them on! I worked as the 1st AD on two shorts on which Acacia consulted in various capacities. In both cases, they engaged deeply with the script and brought the entire crew to a deeper level of understanding and unity around the material. They also allowed the production to see additional possibilities, move with more clarity, and move QUICKLY… I cannot speak highly enough about Acacia’s value!

Dana Osburn (They/Them)
1st Assistant Director
The Robosexual

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