Perfectly Good Moment


David couldn’t be happier when his fiancée, Ruby, returns after abruptly walking out months earlier. With no questions asked, he lovingly welcomes her back. He figures her cold feet were due to their 15-year age gap. It never crossed his mind that she left to escape his controlling, narcissistic behavior. But why has Ruby really returned? What begins as a romantic drama unfurls into a mind-bending psychological thriller.


Thriller, Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance


Director: Lauren Greenhall

Writer: Amanda Jane Stern, Julian Seltzer

Cast: Stephen Carlile, Amanda Jane Stern

Producers: Julian Seltzer, Lauren Greenhall, Amanda Jane Stern, Stephen Carlile

Director of Photography: Matt Braunsdorf

Intimacy Coordinator: Acacia

Production Designer: Sydney Flint

Costume Designer: Carla Posada

Hair and Makeup Artist: Brittany Flaherty

First Assistant Director: Meg Koleck

Sound Mixer: Blaine Bailey

Assistant Camera: Jonathan Rodriguez

Gaffer: Sean C. Li

Grips: Ryen Tetzloff, Adam Valentine

COVID Safety Officer: Alexis Atkinson


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Costume Design


Amanda Jane Stern

As an actor who had had experiences both good and bad with filming intimate scenes, I knew going into Perfectly Good Moment that an Intimacy Coordinator was absolutely essential in bringing this story to life. As the writer, producer, and lead of Perfectly Good Moment I knew that the set had to be a safe and open place, not only for me, but for everyone else involved in the film, which dealt heavily with intimacy. By luck I met Acacia, and after talking with them over the phone I knew that they were exactly the IC to bring on. Since I was the writer on the film, I wrote the script with my own boundaries in mind, knowing that I would also be playing one of the two leads. But that doesn’t mean my co-star necessarily had the same boundaries as I, and I did not want to put him in a position where he felt he had to agree to something because I was comfortable with it. Having Acacia on board helped facilitate even more open communication between us so that we were able to reach a place where we felt incredibly comfortable. Because of all the work we did in advance of filming, by the time we got to set, my co-star and I were able to just have fun and even when shooting intense, intimate scenes, in between takes we could snap out of character and just laugh.

The expertise and passion that Acacia brought to the project enabled us to take what was on the page and make it even sexier. The saying goes “safe sex is sexy sex” and the same applies if the sex is simulated.

Amanda Jane Stern
Writer, Actor, Producer
Perfectly Good Moment

Carla Posada

Acacia and I met while filming Perfectly Good Moment. As the costume designer and wardrobe supervisor, although my work appears on camera, I do not. However, from the first-day on-set, it became crystal clear that although it was the actors who would be performing scenes that were sexually violent in nature, Acacia’s priority was for every single person behind the scenes to feel safe too. They explained that the script included sexual violence, that it could potentially trigger 

someone, and that they were a listening ear and resource should we need to step away at any moment and talk to someone. This made the set not only a comfortable place to work, but a place I looked forward to going to every day; I felt assured that, even if I wasn’t the one directly involved in those scenes, my concerns and experiences would not be overlooked. Acacia was a pillar of support in our workplace.

Carla Posada
Costume Designer
Perfectly Good Moment

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