Kissing Kerouac


Katie Meyers is a high school senior interviewing at a university – the same college her old camp crush attends. So Katie makes a snap decision to reconnect with him. They meet, flirt up a storm, and before she knows it, Katie agrees to go back to his dorm room. But once she gets there, Katie can’t help but feel like the virgin she is: in over her head.


Coming-of-Age, Romance, Comedy, Short


Director: Molly Chiffer

Writer: Molly Chiffer

Cast: Molly Chiffer, Will Martinez

Assistant Director: Jamie Salinger

Director of Photography: Matt Cerisano

Intimacy Coordinator: Acacia

Line Producer: Ashley Morton






The absolute best part of being a producer is being able to handpick your team. When Acacia and I sat down (over Zoom) to talk about the project, what kind of themes I was working with, the vision I had, and the story I wanted to tell as the director I was put at ease by their conscientious note taking, and ability to easily affirm and add to the key points that were important to me.

As one of the actors performing intimacy, the space for grace they intentionally created in the rehearsal room gave my scene partner and I the opportunity to trust and therefore collaborate and really work with the script.

Their awareness of and ability to add dynamics and an arc to an intimacy scene and guide actors in the rehearsal room to that end is what made me, as a director, look forward to having them on set. A stigma I’ve been aware of in terms of Intimacy Coordinators on set is that they might “waste” time on set imposing warm ups or exercises that might make the crew anxious about time ticking by. That misconception could not have been further from my experience with Acacia on the set of Kissing Kerouac. They were flexible, efficient, definitive in giving feedback and adjustments, and most importantly supportive of the story, while quietly and effectively holding space for my co-star and I to check-in, and take time if (and only if) we needed it to center ourselves and prepare for what the actions of the scene required.

I was quite pleased with Acacia’s contribution to my project throughout the pre-production process and immensely grateful for their presence on set.

Molly Chiffer

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