As The Winter Turns to Fall


When Claire and Nina meet in the Winter everything between them is passionate. As the months slip by though, that intensity turns to something more dangerous.


Romance, Drama, Thriller, Short


Director: Megan Arnold

Writer: Megan Arnold

Cast: Marisa Moureau, Mimi Parez

Director of Photography: Nick Bradshaw

Intimacy Coordinator: Acacia

Awards and Festivals

Independent Short Awards (2021)
Best Indie Short – Bronze Awards
Best Acting Duo – Bronze Awards
Best LGBTQ Short – Silver Awards
Best Editing – Silver Awards
Best Student Director (Female) – Gold Awards

Fifth Floor Film Festival (2021)





Marymount Manhattan College Fifth Floor Film Festival

Independent Short Awards – As The Winter Turns to Fall

Independent Short Awards – Silver Awards 2021

Independent Short Awards – Bronze Awards 2021

Independent Short Awards – Gold Awards 2021


I didn’t think an intimacy coordinator would be so needed on set until I had this experience. Having Acacia as an intimacy coordinator was a reassurement that everything was going to go well and smoothly. From the get-go, we started with active exercises to get us acquainted with the actors and crew. The fact that we had choreography for the whole scene really put me at ease and made me feel that I had control of the situation. The difference from the first time that me and my fellow actor practiced the scene, to the actual scene, was immense! I felt so comfortable, and I knew we were on the same page, because Acacia gave us the space to express the things that we were and were not comfortable with. The communication and the detail was impeccable. I would always request an intimacy coordinator for any intimate scenes I may have to do in the future. Acacia also helped me discover things about my character that wouldn’t have come up without this process. I was lucky to have a knowledgable third party involved in the scene. Thanks, Acacia!

Mimi Perez

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