What Is an Intimacy Consultant?

An intimacy consultant is a film professional who advises production on how to make a scene of intimacy or nudity safer, sexier, and healthier based on the script.

What Can an Intimacy Consultant Do?

An intimacy consultant can help the production team plan for scenes of intimacy or nudity. This includes script consultations, planning meetings, and workshops aimed at preparing team members to think about the needs of the scene and those working on it. Consultations are meant to educate filmmakers and give them tools to work on scenes safely. An intimacy consultant might also recommend the use of an intimacy coordinator on set depending on the needs of the story.

What Services Does Acacia Provide as an Intimacy Consultant?

Each consultation includes the following elements:

  • Intimacy Breakdown
  • Sensitivity Reading
  • Script Consultation
  • Meeting with Production Team
  • Workshop for Cast and Crew

All services are run remotely (via Zoom) so Acacia can work with production teams from any location.

What Is Part of a Workshop?

A typical workshop covers the following topics:

  1. Consent
  2. Boundaries
  3. Closure
  4. Reporting
  5. Reducing Risk of Transmission
  6. Notating Choreography
  7. Script Review
  8. Questions and Concerns
  9. Nudity Riders

What Can’t an Intimacy Consultant Do?

An intimacy consultant is not responsible for artistic elements of scenes of intimacy or nudity such as choreography. Because they are not present on set they are also not responsible for the safety of those involved – including actors. They do not check in with actors in a private setting or gather information about members of production. An intimacy consultant is not a mental health consultant and does not provide mental health services. An intimacy consultant is not responsible for drafting nudity riders for the production, nor do they sign them. An intimacy consultant should advise on reporting structures but is not designated as a point of contact for the production. If you are looking for these services consider hiring an intimacy coordinator.

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